Best Gaming Routers for 2019: The Ultimate Buying Guide – Netgear, ASUS, D-Link

Best Gaming Routers for 2019 – Rated Gamer Gear

Here at Rated Gamer Gear, we review the latest technology and this article will look at the best gaming router for 2019. With Christmas not far away, our team at Rated Gamer Gear have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the best gaming routers available on the market. We look at a number of gaming routers and try to give you the best opinions we can.

All of the gaming routers that we review here at Rated Gamer Gear are currently available on the market. We have also reviewed a number of other gaming technology including the best gaming mice and best gaming motherboards so that if you were looking to completely renew your gaming experience, we have options to cater for every need.

Gaming routers are designed so that any network traffic detected from games is prioritised to prevent any in-game interruptions from other people using the network. A wired connection is going to work better whilst playing and all of the gaming routers we feature will be packed with USB connection ports to enable a seamless playing experience.

Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have a wealth of experience and come from a variety of technological disciplines. We try and provide the most in-depth reviews we can; having worked with technology for a number of years, they know good and bad when they see it and with our office being equipped with some of the fastest gaming routers available, we know which work best and which do not.

The best gaming router for 2019 – D-Link EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO


The D-Link EXO AC2600 is one of our favourites here at Rated Gamer Gear and with the many features that this elite gaming router is packed with, it comes at a reasonable cost in comparison to a number of the more premium routers that are available on the market. This router guarantees a seamless playing experience with its AC2600 Wi-Fi speed ensuring it supports a number of devices in the home when connected. This means you can not only enjoy your gaming time without the worry of slow download speeds but everyone in the home can too.

The gaming router is also equipped with 4 purpose-built, high-performance antennas that simultaneously provide 4 x 4 data streams that ensure the user gets the most out of their devices. This enables you to enjoy 4K HD videos and online gaming and the same time, allowing you to have an uninterrupted home entertainment system that never drops in quality. Our team loved this feature and were surprised at how seamlessly the router performed even when a number of devices were connected.

Not only does this specific gaming router provide the user with an uninterrupted wireless connection but its dual-core processor ensures that your wired connection is also completely smooth. We tested this with a number of devices and it supported each one with the same quality experience in every device that was connected.

It is also equipped with advanced smart beam technology that tracks all of your connected devices to provide enhanced Wi-Fi speed and range throughout the home. What this does is basically send a more direct signal to the specific device in the home with your standard routers sending out a circle-like signal, the D-Link EXO sends out a straight signal that basically finds your device quicker. This again adds to the speed of the gaming router and is another way in which it boosts your overall gaming experience.

Our team loved all of the included features mentioned and how it benefits your gaming experience so much, with the price being pretty reasonable too. Not only does it have so many positives with your connection speed but it is also really easy to set up with the intuitive user interface meaning that you can not only set it up easily but you can manage all of your devices and connections in one easy to use place. The team here at Rated Gamer Gear especially loved how easy it was to use and is another reason why this is one of our favourites.

The best gaming router on a budget 2019 – Medialink AC1200 Wireless Gigabit Router


We have selected a couple of gaming routers to look at that are ones to watch if you are looking to improve your game/device on a slightly tighter budget. The Medialink AC1200 is one that our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have picked out as one of the standouts if you are looking to buy on a budget because of its additional features and download speed.

This particular gaming router is one that our team picked out for a number of reasons; firstly, a number of routers in this price range do not offer the same download speeds as the Medialink AC1200, with this particular model offering 10x the speed that the majority of routers in this range do. The majority of these routers offer Ethernet ports that max out at 100Mbps but the Medialink offers 1000 Mbps, providing pure uninterrupted gaming quality.

Not only does it provide the user with fast download speeds but in regards to the connection range, it uses two powerful antennas to work together and provide quality internet connection even in the largest of homes. It uses beam forming to focus the connection directly to your device and again, works to ensure that you have the fastest and cleanest internet service; all of this and at a price that is affordable to you.

There is also a safety guarantee that comes with this particular gaming router that helps with the protection of your internet connection. The robust firewall protection ensures that any unwanted guests are kept out and it also uses a separate safe connection for any guest network users.

The Medialink also comes with a range extender that basically enables the gaming router to cover a larger area. It extends any existing wireless network and ensures that all areas are covered. Our team found the connection to be excellent even without the range extender but it works fantastically for users living it big homes or even in large office spaces with a number of users. These additional features and the value that is provided makes this a very desirable gaming router that should be highly considered going into 2019.

WISE TIGER Wireless Router


This gaming router is another one that should be considered if you are looking to buy one on a budget. This is nearly half of the cost of the previous budget review and again, is another router that works fantastically well.

This is a gaming router that works great in homes or offices because of its long-range secure connection. The speed of your internet access is down to your internet provider and if your internet service is at a maximum speed of less than100Mbps, we highly recommend using this router.

This high-speed router also guarantees fast download speeds, delivering up to 866Mbps at 5Ghz, which ensures that your gaming experience is completely uninterrupted. We tested the speed with a number of devices and we found this to be especially quick considering the price. You are definitely getting value with this router and the download speed is certainly not compromised although it is cheap compared to a number of more premium routers.

Not only is this router extremely cost-effective with the download speed that comes with it but there is also a two-year warranty that WISE TIGER offer its customers if you feel that the gaming router is not up to scratch. For the price too, our team loved this offer and it shows that they have a lot of confidence in their router which we can verify is quality and great value for customers.

The router is also extremely easy to set up with the instructions that are provided. Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear really loved how simple it was to set up and were pleasantly surprised with the overall speed of the router. If you are looking for quality game speed and connectivity at a fair cost, this is definitely a product that is perfect for this market. We think that the value is excellent and is definitely going to be in high demand going into 2019.

The best dual band gaming router 2019 – Linksys AC3200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Gaming Router


The Linksys AC3200 is a purpose built, dual-band gaming router that is designed with the sole purpose of improving and prioritising in-game download performance. The gamer router is designed to prioritise gaming network traffic above anything to help reduce peak ping by up to 77%. This ensures that your gaming device is completely optimised to perform as well as it can and makes for excellent performance around the clock.

This gaming router can also synchronise with a number of gaming hardware brands such as Alienware, MSI & Razer – See the best gaming monitors here. This ensures that your gaming device performs as well as it can and means that the user can get the most out of their games.

The way it promotes simultaneous high-speed data processing ensures that the user again gets the most from their gaming device. Not only does this ensure you get the most out of your gaming devices but every other device in the home is supported, although it does prioritise your gaming device whilst you are playing it.

Every device that connects is provided with its own data stream, meaning that separate devices in the home do not have to compete with each other when it comes to securing a connection. This enables your device to work as efficiently as it can and eliminates the worry of having to manage how you spend your time on your devices. Our team loved the speed and the way that your devices are managed in this system.

The gaming router is also equipped with a pro-grade gigabit Ethernet switch with four ports that allow for multiple gaming rigs to be connected at one time. Our guys loved this feature and loved the way it supports multiple gaming. The way it prioritises gaming devices is what makes it stand out from the other gaming routers and if you are looking to completely dedicate your purchase for gaming purposes, this is definitely a router that you should consider going forward.

Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Open Source Wi-Fi Wireless Router


Another Linksys gaming router that we think is expected for great things in 2019. With the four adjustable antennas, this enables excellent Wi-Fi signal strength in larger homes and office spaces. After testing, our team found that the connection was excellent with the dual-band speed that is provided. It offers dual-band speed up to 600 Mbps (2.4GHz) & 1300 Mbps (5GHz) and provides complete support for external devices.

This particular gaming router is designed to promote simultaneous dual-band data processing to cater for multiple gamers at one time. Its dual-core 1.6 GHz CPU means that each user can simultaneously game without the worry of lagging or in-game delays. This helps to maintain a quality gaming experience, allowing every gamer to happily transfer files, download game data and watch movies.

The AC1900 also allows users to prioritise the devices that they wish to. If you are downloading a large amount of data, you can prioritise the network traffic to that particular device which is a feature that our team found very useful and easy to manage. This also helps when you have multiple users playing on the same network as it means that this traffic can be prioritised and enhances your playing experience as a result. It is a simple interface that also helps manage Wi-Fi connections, prioritise websites and set parental control filters. We loved this features at Rated Gamer Gear because of how much control this particular gamer router provides.

This gamer router is one to definitely look out for going into 2019 and especially for parents potentially buying for children, this is a router that you have complete control over and this ensures complete network security. Not only are you getting the ultimate gaming experience but you’re getting a safe gaming experience.

The best premium gaming router 2019 – ASUS Gaming Router Tri-band Wi-Fi


Our team at Rated Gamer Gear have picked out the ASUS Gaming Router as one of the standout premium routers for dedicated gamers. This particular tri-band router is equipped with the latest 802.11ac 4×4 MU-MIMO technology for maximum coverage. It maximises your data using a 1.8GHz 64bit Quad-Core processor, optimising network traffic for gamers and also catering for ordinary internet traffic from other devices. This effective traffic management system provides coverage for up to 5,000 sq. ft and enables a seamless gaming experience for all users. Our team were blown away at how much coverage it actually provided and at how many devices it effectively managed.

It is also equipped with VPN Fusion that allows for the user to run a VPN and ordinary internet connection at the same time, which again works in harmony to help maximise your internet connection to your gaming servers. The ASUS Gaming Router also works to support your current Wi-Fi issues by making the most of your existing hardware. You can connect easily to other ASUS routers in the home to create a powerful home network that can cater for all devices in the home. This means there is no need to get rid of any current devices you may have, which is a feature our team loved and really helped to create a seamless network when we tested this particular feature.

We also loved the ‘ROG Game Dashboard’ feature that gives full control to the user and allows you to completely manage and optimise your home gaming network. There are game boost features and VPN fusion that enable you to effectively manage the network traffic based on which devices need it the most; all of which add to your overall gaming quality and experience.

Our team here at Rated loved the control and the overall power of this premium gaming router and is really one to look out for going into 2019. This is tailored for the most dedicated gamers and will really enhance your home/office entertainment system with the level of coverage it provides. The way it integrates with your other routers and devices is a feature we found really useful and this is certainly a popular choice in our office here at Rated Gamer Gear.

GRYPHON – Ultimate Home Network Security Mesh Wi-Fi Router


The GRYPHON Ultimate Home Network Security Mesh Wi-Fi Router is another one of our big favourite premium routers here at Rated Gamer Gear and if you are looking for a beautiful, modern design that can blend into any home space, then look no further. This integrated home network provides the user with an intuitive management system that you can simply download onto your mobile device and easily control your secure network from the palm of your hand. The app allows you to manage parental controls and the traffic that is using your network, allowing you to completely secure your home system and prevent any unwanted visitors from using your network.

Not only does this particular device look good in the home but in terms of performance, the GRYPHON performs excellently. Using 6 high powered antennas and 4×4 MU-MIMO technology, you can happily stream content, download files and play online games without the worry of slowing down any other devices in the home.

You can be sure that your home network is always secure with daily updates and protection whilst you are sleeping. The excellent app that is provided with this home gaming router device ensures that you are constantly protected from any threats, using intelligent intrusion detection technology and malware filtering systems that protect you around the clock. Not only does this app keep you constantly informed with potential threats but it also comes with excellent parental controls that can filter content, look at browser history and set limits on how long you are using various devices. This patented design is a really cool feature that made this stand out to our team here at Rated Gamer Gear and we highly recommend if you are looking for a completely secure home network management system, this would be the route that our team recommend you go down.

Not only is your security guaranteed but if you feel that this particular gaming router is not up to scratch, GRYPHON provide a 1 year hardware warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t live up to standards. In regards to the number of features it offers, we think this is a great deal and our team of technicians really loved this particular model. In terms of its aesthetic too, it really fits in to the home and is much more subtle than some of the other routers we reviewed. This is a winner for us and going into 2019, we believe that this will be in increasing demand because of how many features are provided.

TP-Link AC3200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit Router


The TP-Link AC3200 Gaming Router is another one of our favourite premium choices. Using Tri-Band technology, this particular router creates separate Wi-Fi bands so that you can connect more devices to your network using a more secure connection. This system helps devices to run faster and uses smart connect software that assigns each device to the right channel based on what data it uses.

The featured high-performance antennas also ensure that the maximum area is covered. Not only does it ensure the highest coverage possible but the six antennas help ensure that the connection is as stable as it can be, using beam forming technology to increase stability. Our team found this system to be extremely secure, covering a large area and we loved the speed of our network when testing.

The 1GHz dual-core CPU enables multiple seamless connections and provides any guest users with separate access from your main network and this again helps to maintain a secure connection. Our team at Rated found this feature to be very useful in our office with many guest users requiring access to our network; this feature meant that our main network was not affected when a number of guests were using.

There is also a very user-friendly tether app that comes with this gaming router, allowing for the admin to easily install the device and manage the network securely. We found this app very useful and the way in which it allows for you to completely control the network is another big reason as to why we loved it. This combined with the extremely secure network management makes for a great product and is one we believe will also be in high demand going into 2019. This is also not as expensive as the previous premium routers we reviewed and we think for the many features that come with the TP-Link AC3200, that this is a great buy for any dedicated gamers.

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