Best Gaming Desks for 2019: The Ultimate Buying Guide – Eureka, Couchmaster, AKRacing

Best Gaming Desks for 2019 – Rated Gamer Gear Buying Guide

Here at Rated Gamer Gear, we review the latest technology and this article will look at the best gaming desks for 2019. With Christmas not far away, our team at Rated Gamer Gear have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the best gaming desks; this article will ensure that you can come to a well-rounded decision and give you the technical breakdown required to make a good product judgement.

All of the gaming desks that we review here at Rated Gamer Gear are currently available on the market. We have also reviewed a number of other gaming technology including the best gaming mice and best gaming motherboards so that if you were looking to completely renew your gaming experience, we have options to cater for every need.

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when it comes to making a buying decision with anything you buy but especially with our best gaming desk reviews, we will ensure that we leave no stone unturned. From cost, ergonomics, styling, cost and other specification aspects, we make sure that we make all information available so that you can make a calculated decision. Different people will buy gaming desks in 2019 for different reasons and it is vital that you make the right decision, as it can be a costly mistake if you get it wrong.

Our in-house team of experts have a vast amount of experience and come from various technological backgrounds. From salesmen to technicians, we have a broad knowledge range and combine all of our experience to help drive a well-rounded review for our loyal customers. We know how vital it is to get a gaming desk purchase correct and if you are buying for yourself or for a family member/friend, you need to make sure that you are buying for the right reasons.

Not only do we provide the best gaming desk reviews for 2019 but we have thoroughly tested every desk that we review. Our team feel like they cannot produce an accurate review unless they have seen and used the product themselves. We cannot base our judgements off purely online listings and we like to make sure that we hit the nail on the head with every review.

Our team have organised each review by cost and we have provided the best gaming desks to buy on a budget near the top of the page, with the value of each gaming desk increasing as you work your way down. Again, people buy gaming desks for different reasons and it all comes down to personal preference and your reason for buying.

The Best Gaming Desk for 2019 – Eureka Ergonomic X1-S Gaming Desk


In regards to the budget and features, our team believe that the ‘Eureka Ergonomic X1-S Gaming Desk’ is the best gaming desk that there is to buy in 2019. In comparison to a number of its competitors, it has much more ergonomic and ‘ease of use’ features that our team of experts believes make it stand out from the rest of them.

With a 44.5’’ gaming surface width and 24.2’’ depth, there is more than enough space to fit a decent sized monitor and keyboard on it, with space left to put anything else you need whilst having a comfortable gaming experience.
Take a look at our best gaming keyboards for yourself and see what you think. With a slick and clean carbon fibre finish, it’s a design that fits with almost any design of monitor and room space. Its stealth like look makes for a subtle yet high-end feel to the gaming desk and is another reason why our team love it so much.

The slick black design is combined with LED lighting features to help you fully immerse in the gaming experience. Whether you prefer to play in the dark or really light up your gameplay, the LED lighting is optional and you can turn it on or off at any time when plugged into your gaming monitor. The ice blue lighting really makes for a spaceship-like feel, that is really enhanced when playing in a darkly lit room – All part of improving the overall gaming experience; our team loved this feature and felt it really helped with improving concentration and game quality.

The Eureka Ergonomic X1-S is designed in a way to increase stability. Its X-shape design makes for not only a sturdy design but an aesthetically pleasing one that again makes it very modern looking. Not only is the gaming desk design sturdy but it also comes with levelling feet to help make sure that your gaming monitor is super secure and when you are bashing away at your keyboard and mouse, there is no chance that the monitor will displace or wobble.

This is a product that is in very high demand and if you are looking for a quality gaming desk at a reasonable price, now is the time to buy it. Our team have provided a link to the listing so that you can take a look in further detail. We recommend that you take a look at the buyer trust and reviews that previous customers have left and this will ensure that you are buying from a trusted source.

Best Couch Gaming Desk on a budget for 2019 – COUCHMASTER Cycon


We believe that this is the best couch gaming desk that you can buy out there at the moment in regards to value for money. This high quality, sleek, leather design ensures that you can enjoy a quality playing experience right from the comfort of your sofa.

Its memory foam cushions provide ultimate comfort and means that it tailors itself to your most comfortable playing position. It uses the highest quality leather to ensure maximum comfort on your arms and enables an ultimate playing experience like no other. The memory foam also provides complete ergonomic support and prevents any long-term damage through posture issues when using the Couchmaster.

The Couchmaster also allows for the user to enjoy a seamless playing experience through the 5m USB 3.0 cable connection. This means that it is completely optimised for wired devices and enables you to enjoy from any distance that feels comfortable, depending on where your sofa is in relation to your monitor. It also has 4 port USB options that enable maximum connectivity when using the Couchmaster.

It also works as a more comfortable option as a pose to sitting on a hard chair when you are either playing or working for a long amount of time. Promoting good back posture, it ensures that you sit in a more natural position and a position that is more comfortable to you. Some office/gaming chairs can be designed in a way that can cause back problems further down the line and ultimately, this ensures that you always remain as comfortable as possible when playing.

There are also inside compartments that keep your wires organised. This not only saves on space but prevents anything being accidentally pulled away from where it should be and ultimately, looks better when you are using it.

Again, this is another product that is in pretty high demand and it would be an idea to get in before it is sold out. It is a unique and modern product that is becoming a more popular option as a pose to the conventional ‘gaming desk and chair’. It’s health benefits and its reasonable price makes this a product that a lot of people want as it grows in popularity.

Best ergonomic gaming desk for 2019 – Eureka Ergonomic R1-S Gaming Desk


Our team of experts here at Rated Gamer Gear have looked at a number of ergonomic gaming desks and we believe that for purely ergonomic reasons, this is the one that stands out most to us. It has many additional features that the designers have considered to make it as easy to use and to be as comfortable an experience as possible.

The large gaming surface means that there is plenty of room for not only your monitor and your keyboard but for anything else you need whilst playing. Although it has quite a large playing surface, it is very lightweight and means that it can be moved and adjusted very easily. The carbon fibre finish looks very clean and is another reference to its lightweight properties. A sleek and versatile design that works in a number of workspaces, this gaming desk makes for a very aesthetically pleasing piece of kit.

The physical R-Line design of the table makes it extremely sturdy and durable. It is designed in a way that means a lot of weight can be taken on the top of the desk and means it can’t wobble or fall over. It also has adjustable legs that allow for it to stand evenly if the floor is slightly uneven.

It has RBG LED lighting along the legs and the side of the table that allow for complete gaming immersion. Whether you are playing in the light or dark, the LED lighting features add to your gaming experience and according to our team, help you concentrate more. Not only does it add to your gaming experience but it looks pretty cool too and the choice of colours means that you can change it depending on mood or just purely on personal preference. By plugging the USB into your PC, watch your desk come to life and fully delve into the Eureka Gaming Desk experience.

It also comes with a number of ease of use features that our team especially loved, hence why they chose it as their favourite design. It comes with a cup holder, controller stand and extra long mouse pad that all adds to the ease of use, with more than enough space for your best gaming headsets. How many times have you spilt a drink or built up clutter on your desk? This desk provides more organisational options and the extra long mouse pad means that not only you won’t scratch your desk with your keyboard or mouse but it won’t slip around and move whilst you’re playing. These are features that our team all loved and they found that when playing for a lengthy period of time, it stood out from others because of how easy it was to use and how little they had to move around or move away from their desk.

For all of the additional features it has on the desk, the price is not too unreasonable and again, makes it a pretty high demand product. It is a very versatile design that works in a number of environments and would make a great Christmas present. Get these desks whilst you can and enjoy a comfortable playing experience like no other.

Best stand-up/sit-down gaming desks for 2019 – TOUCHXEL Stand up Desk Converter


In terms of value and what our team believe is the best stand up/sit down gaming desk option, the TOUCHXEL Stand up Desk Converter is what we think is the best. It has 12 height settings that mean it can be adjusted to a number of heights with minimal effort. It comes with a gas spring backed handle that allows for the user to adjust the table with very little strain. This makes it a product that can be used by a variety of users and for people with neck and back issues; it makes it one that’s pretty easy to use.

This product also has a number of ergonomic considerations that make it a desirable product. It has a detachable keyboard feature that allows for the user to adjust it to their best arm position. This helps to promote correct posture and develops healthy working habits whilst you are standing up as you work. Again, it has the option of using it whilst sat down but it works as a great option on top of counters etc.

Not only is this desk great for gaming but it is also great for home and office use and its versatile design means that it can be used in a number of environments. The matt black finish on the desk makes it a very subtle yet modern looking design that can blend in anywhere in the house or at work. It also comes with a handy phone/tablet slot that helps meet various working/gaming needs and also works great for watching videos or even simply browsing through your device.

It also has a reasonable working space that helps support dual monitors or your laptop and is designed in a way that our team found promoted working efficiently. The design promotes multitasking and our experts have actually ended up keeping one in the office as they found it to be extremely useful when it came to getting lengthy tasks completed.

It is extremely easy to assemble and only requires attaching the pullout keyboard tray. It is made of extremely durable MDF and a tough iron frame that ensures stability when putting your devices on. It can hold up to 15kg of weight and this is to ensure that it doesn’t lose balance when up on top of a counter or anywhere high up. This is more than enough to accommodate for a couple of monitors, laptop and keyboard and it still works as a very sturdy design.

This makes for a great workspace addition and is currently on offer for people that buy through Rated Gamer Gear. Our experts believe that this is a great deal and with its stand up/sit down design options, it makes for a very versatile design that can be used in a number of working environments. This is sure to be a popular buy in 2019 and is available to buy at the moment for a great deal.

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Sit-Stand Desk


Another sit/stand gaming desk that our team love is the ‘Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Sit-Stand Desk’. Now, this is a slightly more premium option as a pose to the previous but in terms of its additional features, it has many more that could be better suited to the dedicated gamers that look for complete gaming immersion.

Again, like the prior model, it is a very versatile design that you can put on your desk and switch between seated to standing and increase efficiency. By switching in between, you can increase productivity and work in a more energetic manner that helps you get more work done. Not only does it help you work better but in a gaming sense, it can help improve gaming performance and again relates back to the focusing benefits.

It comes with an extra large keyboard deck that means you can not only comfortably place your keyboard on here but you can put anything else that you need around it and again adds to the ergonomic properties that it holds. The strong structure means that the extra long keyboard can also hold a decent level of weight and you don’t have to worry about the desk toppling.

Another cool feature our team liked was the cool ambient light feature. The blue LED lights really help to immerse you in whatever you are doing and again help with increasing focus. With this combination of cool lighting features and the sit/stand option that you have with the Eureka Gaming Desk, it makes for a desk that really helps concentration.

It only takes a couple of minutes to put together and our team found it very easy to assemble. It is slightly more costly than the previous sit/stand gaming desk but in terms of its additional features, it is one of the best gaming desks that you can buy currently on the market. It is a design that suits a number of environments and promotes efficient work. This is sure to be one of best gaming desks for 2019 and it would make a great addition to your gaming collection.

Best Compact Gaming Desks for 2019 – Arozzi Arena Leggero Compact Gaming Desk


The Arena Leggero Gaming Desk is one of our favourites here at Rated Gamer Gear and with it being the smaller version of its bigger brother, the Arena Desk; we think that this compact version makes a great addition to any working/gaming/living space.

The entire desk is covered with a full surface, a water-resistant mouse pad that prevents any damage to the actual desk or to your gaming monitor/computer/mouse. It is also machine washable so if you were to spill anything or stain it in any way, you can remove the cover and wash it completely. This allows for you to not only keep your gaming equipment clean but the actual gaming desk itself.

The mouse pad cover is also equipped with cut-outs so that you can attach the monitor as well as manage all of the cables that come with it. Underneath the table is a mesh basket that is there to keep all of the cables organised and to prevent the mess.

Regarding the frame itself, it is made from strong steel legs that should last a lifetime with a sturdy MDF surface that can take over 140lbs of weight when distributed evenly. The design is one which our team love and it is available in a number of colours depending on your personal preference. This is one of the best gaming desks you can currently buy and the high-quality finish and attention to customer detail make it a very desirable product for its users going into 2019.

AKRacing Summit Gaming Desk


Another fantastic compact gaming desk is the AKRacing Summit Gaming Desk. Its ‘racing car-like’ design works really well and is another design that helps to immerse the user in their gaming experience. It works as a great bedroom addition and looks really spectacular when your monitor and other gaming equipment are in place.

Made from gauge steel and with its R-shape frame, it makes for a really stable and durable design that ensures it is long lasting. The tough design also prevents wobbling and means that when you are bashing those buttons, you can be sure to know that nothing will move out of place. This is also down to the textured surface that helps reinforce stability and although it feels fairly smooth, it is stable enough to keep everything you need in place.

It also has a curved front edge that allows you to get closer to the action. If you want to really immerse yourself in the gaming experience, this is a really nice touch that helps you get completely involved with the game. The AKRacing Gaming Desk is really designed in a way to help its users and our team here at Rated Gamer Gear loved that little touch. They said that it helps so much and its as if it almost invites you into the game and helps promote concentration and full focus. The back of the desk is also designed in a way that helps ensure all of your cables are kept organised and keeps everything where it should be.

It is a great design that optimises everything that a compact gaming desk should be. A simple yet considered design that ensures the users get the best out of every game. The curved feature is a really nice touch that our team believed made it stand out and help with game concentration. A sleek carbon fibre design that works in a number of work/home environments, this is a product that is going to be in high demand over the Christmas period.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is the larger brother of the previously reviewed ‘Arozzi Arena Leggero’ and is much larger in comparison and accommodates for 3 large monitors. Take a look at our best gaming monitors and find out which ones are best for you.

It has been designed in a way that maximises your playing experience and general comfort. The image shows that it is completely black but if you take a look at the options, you do have a number of colours available to buy. Our team of experts have tried and tested this product for themselves and found it very easy to assemble because of the way the frame and desktop is split into three easy to manage sections.

Like the Arozzi Arena Leggero, the Arozzi Arena has a useful net underneath the desk that enables the user to easily manage the various cables that come with your monitors and this makes for a clean workspace all round. The team at Rated Gamer Gear found this feature one of the most useful parts and have tested a number of gaming desks that do not consider this when designing the desk.

It comes with a water-resistant desk cover that also acts a mouse pad and again, is machine washable and means that you can keep your workspace completely clean. Not only does it keep your workspace clean but it is extremely comfortable and prevents anything sliding or moving out of position.

The gaming desk is also curved at the front and again is a useful consideration that promotes ergonomics and general ease of use. It allows for the user to concentrate more than they would and get closer to their monitor. This is a feature like on the previous gaming desk that our team loved and the additional size that you have over its younger brother does come in handy when it comes to immersing yourself in the game.

Arozzi is a very popular brand that is in extremely high demand and will be in 2019. The many features of this piece of equipment make it one of the best gaming desks available on the market. With it being available in a number of colours, you have a wide variety of choice that allows you to pick and choose the design based on where it is going to go. Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear love the all black version but again, you have the choice and they all look very sleek in their own right.

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