Best Gaming Chair for 2019: The Ultimate Buying Guide – RESPAWN, Furmax, E-Win

Best Gaming Chair for 2019 – Rated Gamer Gear

Here at Rated Gamer Gear, we review the latest technology and this article will look at the best gaming chair for 2019. With Christmas not far away, our team at Rated Gamer Gear have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the best gaming chair available on the market. We look at a number of gaming chairs and try to give you the best opinions we can.

All of the gaming desks that we review here at Rated Gamer Gear are currently available on the market. We have also reviewed a number of other gaming technology including the best gaming mice and best gaming motherboards so that if you were looking to completely renew your gaming experience, we have options to cater for every need.

We ensure that we incorporate all factors in our reviews as we understand people buy chairs for different reasons but especially with our best gaming chair reviews, we will ensure that we leave no stone unturned. From cost, ergonomics, styling, cost and other specification aspects, we make sure that we make all information available so that you can make a calculated decision. Different people will buy gaming chairs in 2019 for different reasons so you need to consider all reasons for buying and make sure you make the right decision.

Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have a wealth of experience and come from a variety of technological disciplines. They test every product they work with inside out and know what it takes to provide a well-rounded opinion and review. Having worked with technology for a significant period of their lives, they know good and bad when they see it and having some of the best gaming chairs in their office, they know what to look out for.

We determine our reviews by the various points that you need to look out for when it comes to buying a gaming chair. Ergonomics, aesthetics, size and cost are all big factors and we have ensured that each review goes into as much detail as possible.

The best gaming chair for 2019 – RESPAWN-400 Racing Style Gaming Chair


Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear really love the ‘RESPAWN-400 Gaming Chair’ and found it to be one of their favourites out of all of the ones they reviewed. Basing the design on a race car chair design, our team loved how comfortable it was and how the chair keeps you held in on either side of your legs like a bucket seat you’d find in a rally car.

With its race car seat design, it means that if you are spending all day playing games or even looking for a comfortable office seat, this gaming chair is one that provides ultimate user comfort. It has been designed ergonomically to cater for a wide audience and help support the back as best as it can. Its steel frame design and adjustable lumbar supports, you can ensure that your back is going to be totally supported when spending long shifts in the chair. This frame structure is completely encased in back supporting foam that means it is completely supportive to your posture and positioning. Our team found the adjustable cushions really helpful and have actually deployed one of these gaming chairs in the office because of how comfortable it is and how it helps them totally focus.

The chair also allows for the user to easily raise and lower the chair based on how high their desk/monitor is. Take a look at our best gaming desks and best gaming monitors to see how it matches up to your gaming chair. Not only is the height adjustable but you can adjust the backrest between 90 to 180 degrees based on how you play or how you work. Whether you are looking to focus or have a lie-down, the RESPAWN-400 allows for you to fully adjust your backrest with ease. The dynamic swivel system also makes for ease of use and provides full 360-degree rotation.

The chair also supports up to 400lbs and is made from durable leather that makes it an extremely long lasting gaming chair. Not only that but it comes with a lifetime warranty that protects it from any damage in the future. It is available in four different colour combinations so depending on where the chair is going, you have a number of options to choose from. Our team personally loved the black and blue combination but it is also available in green, grey or red.

Our team feel this is the best gaming chair or at least one of and although it may not be as cheap as some of the others we plan to review, you are guaranteed quality and with the lifetime warranty that they offer, it is also another big reason as to why we love it here at Rated Gamer Gear. It would make a great Christmas present and going into 2019, you can be sure that even if it does get damaged, you are covered for life.

The best gamer chair on a budget 2019 – Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Racing Chair


If you are looking for the best gaming chair on a budget, you have come to the right place. Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have been thoroughly testing every chair and we try to pick out the best things from each gaming chair that we test. The Furmax Gaming Chair stood out to our team because of its fantastic quality, the number of features and most importantly, it’s an extremely reasonable price. Starting at just $114.99, this gamer chair is extremely good value for money and our team couldn’t believe the cost after testing.

Again, the design of the gamer chair is based off a racing car bucket seat to provide extra sturdiness and comfortable playing for the user. The thick padding and high-quality leather also adds to user comfort and adds to the entire experience. Again, designed in a way that supports the back very well, it is a gamer chair that is made for a number of users and works well for the people sitting in the chair for a long period of time.

The Furmax also comes with a pull-out footrest that allows the users to relax after a long day of working or intense gaming. This design feature is one that our team especially loved and is a feature that doesn’t come with a lot of gaming chairs, hence why our team couldn’t believe the price when they were told. Not only does it have a fully adjustable footrest but it can recline up to 180 degrees and essentially turns it into a bed for the user to rest on when looking to nap in between games or work. We really like this feature and you can be sure that the gaming chair is comfortable enough for you to catch some z’s.

The chair is also equipped with a gas lift system that enables any user to easily adjust the height of the chair based on their personal preference. The design is focused around ease of use and this gas lift system means that even younger or elderly users can adjust the chair very easily. The armrests can also be very easily adjusted and is overall a design that has incorporated every kind of user.

It can hold up to 310lbs and there is a money back guarantee offer that is available for the first 30 days if you feel the product doesn’t live up to the quality it should. This is a durable and tough design that we feel like is an absolute steal. It is a chair that is extremely comfortable and for what you pay, you get a number of features that you rarely find on other gamer chairs. Because of the price, this is a product that is in very high demand going into 2019 and you’ll have to get there quick if you want to catch the last few before they sell out.

GreenForest Gaming Chair


Another gaming chair that can be considered a good purchase on a budget is the ‘GreenForest Gaming Chair’. Again, with a number of cool additional features and the white leather that our team loved, this chair is another that should be considered in 2019.

This gamer chair is equipped with lumbar massage cushions that provide the user with the stability that they need to carry out a hard day of work or gaming. Again, perfectly designed to aid back support and meet your comfort needs, it is a chair that the user can spend a lengthy period of time in without the worry of any back issues.

The sleek, white and black design makes for a very modern looking chair that would work in a number of working and living environments. The colour scheme was very much approved by our team and we think it made what was already a very nice design into a beautiful design. A lot of gaming chairs can be quite outlandish and outspoken in regards to theme, colours etc. but this design makes it a very versatile one and means it can be used in a number of working/gaming spaces.

Its steel frame makes for an extremely sturdy design that should last for a lifetime, ensuring that it is looked after properly. Again, it offers complete rotation and 180-degree decline that allows for you to turn your gaming chair into a gaming bed for resting in between work/games. The armrests are actually ‘3D adjustable’ so this means that you can completely alter the positioning based on what is comfortable for you and how you are sitting in the chair, whether you are reclined or sat upright. This was a really cool feature that our team loved and we found it to be very useful when it came to testing out how comfortable it was when the chair was reclined.

This is a durable gaming chair that our team here at Rated Gamer Gear love. With a 30 day warranty on offer too if you feel the chair is not up to scratch or gets damaged, at a price starting at $129.99, we feel this chair is an absolute steal. A really nice design that works in a number of environments, this gamer chair can not only be used in a gaming environment but in a working environment too. The quality leather and thick foam padding around the ergonomically designed frame makes it a chair that our team thought was really comfortable and again, this is a chair that we believe is going to be in very high demand going into 2019.

Homall Gaming Chair


The Homall Gaming Chair is another chair that can be considered on a budget for 2019. The black and red styling of this chair makes for a very cool looking gamer chair that would work in a number of bedrooms/game spaces. Again, based on a race car design, this chair looks as if it has actually been taken from a rally car with the racing stripe touches that you can see on the backrest of the chair.

With a fully adjustable backrest and removable headrest, you can easily adjust the Hornall Gaming Chair to your specific needs. Not only can you adjust the backrest based on how you sit and what is comfortable but the chair can be rocked back and forth fairly easily when adjusting the knob beneath the seat. This makes it very easy to move around your room whilst playing and makes for a versatile design that helps to incorporate the general movement of players whilst involved in a game. The freedom of movement is a touch that our team really liked and felt comfortable with when testing it on some of the games.

It is made from a steel frame that makes the chair extremely sturdy and durable and especially when you are moving around all the time whilst playing on the games, this tough structure combined with the high-density foam makes for not only a strong structure but a very comfortable seat. You feel yourself almost sinking into the chair as you play because of how easy it is to sit in. Combine this with the high-quality leather that covers the foam, this is a gaming chair that really enhances your overall gaming experience.

It also comes with a footrest that means that once the chair is fully reclined, you can use it to comfortably rest in between intense gaming sessions. Again, this is adjustable and you can move it based on what is comfortable for you. This combined with all of the other comfort elements means that you can really relax to the maximum when using the chair.

There is also a 1-year policy with the chair and Homall actually offer free replacements for any damaged or defected parts on the chair. This along with the very reasonable starting price of $114.99 means that you are getting very good value for money along with the other features that come with the gaming chair.

This chair may not look as good in an office space as some of the others we had looked at because of its red and black design but the design as a whole is a very good one that makes for a very valuable purchase. There is actually a blue and black version available that you can buy if this one is not for you. This particular chair comes with features that many gaming chairs don’t normally have and for the price compared to others, our team here at Rated really liked it. Our team believe that there are some that do look better aesthetically but in regards to its function and value, this is one of the best and should be considered if you are looking for a quality gaming chair on a budget for 2019.

The best premium gamer chair for 2019 – Killbee Large Gaming Chair


Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have also been looking at some of the best gamer chairs for the players that are serious about their gaming and are looking to take their experience to the next level with a premium gamer chair purchase. We have picked out the ‘Killbee Large Gaming Chair’ as one of the best premium chairs you can buy for 2019.

In this particular review, we have picked out the white/red/black version to look at as this is the one that our team were using at the time of this review. The classy looking upholstery is made from durable, wear-resistant leather that covers the thick and comfortable foam that surrounds the steel frame. It is designed in a way that helps reduce leg fatigue with the raised sides acting as a support to your thighs.

The armrests can be moved up and down to help reduce the pressure on your arms and shoulders and again, combined with the other ergonomic designs, means that you can sit in this chair for a long period of time and remain comfortable all of the time. The height of the seat can also be easily adjusted and means that when moving around and wanting to multitask, you can fairly easily with the height adjustable function.

In regards to the structure and quality, our team loved the fact that you could move around with ease and not hear any strain noises or the sound of wheels squeaking and that is down to the multi-direction castors in the wheels that allow for you to move around at ease without the annoying sounds or the feeling like it is going to fall apart beneath you.

The main thing that our team loved was the clean design and how it can be used for a multitude of uses. Whether in the office or playing games, it blends in very nicely and looks like a premium gaming chair that you would expect to spend the money on. The upholstery is very nice and professional and it looks like something that would blend very nicely in a modern looking office space. It is a chair that is also very comfortable and you can feel the quality when you sit down in it. Our team at Rated Gamer Gear felt that you could sit in it for hours and it is clear that the design of the Killbee Gaming Chair has been designed with the user in mind.

E-WIN Gaming Chair


The E-WIN Gaming Chair is another premium gaming chair that our team love here at Rated Gamer Gear. Using the most durable and environmentally friendly leather, this ergonomic design makes for a subtle yet classy addition to the workspace/bedroom.

The design has been integrated with high-density foam around the steel frame that not only makes a very comfortable design but a sturdy one that should last for a lifetime as long as it is looked after. It also comes with explosion-proof gas springs that make moving the chair up and down to perform tasks or adjust your seating position very easy. Not only is it very easy to adjust position up and down but you can actually adjust the backrest based on what feels comfortable to you and the armrests in turn as well. This allows you to you completely adjust the entire gaming chair as you please as the design promotes correct posture to aid back issues.

The chair supports up to 330lbs of weight because of the structure of the steel frame and means that the user can move freely without the worry of any issues regarding the quality of the chair. Not only is the quality replicated in the structure of the chair but it is in the material and the subtle black leather is environmentally friendly, which a lot of the chairs we review are not because of the way the material is sourced and according to the manufacturer, they are always looking for ways to help evolve and improve their gaming chairs based on environmental changes, customer recommendations and most importantly, for you, the consumer.

Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear really rate the E-WIN Gaming Chair and the standout reasons why are because of the fact the manufacturers really consider the environment when it comes to the sourcing of the materials and because of how easy it is to adjust and move the chair around based on how you want to sit. The actual frame inside is a lot thicker than a number of previous chairs we have reviewed and this makes for a chair that should be able to last a lifetime.

We really recommend taking a look at this chair and seeing for yourself how comfortable it is and how the design can work in a number of spaces.

Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Large Size Office Desk Chair


The Ficmax Ergonomic High-back Chair is another premium gaming chair that our team have reviewed. This chair is designed around complete user comfort and ergonomic design with wider seat cushions and a wider backrest there to add to the seat comfort.

The chair is made from high-quality leather making it easy to maintain and clean and this combined with the high-density foam makes it more comfortable to sit on. This again is another feature that adds to the appeal of the chair and is one of the big reasons our team loved it.

The race car bucket seat design means that the sides of the chair help support your legs when you sit in the chair too meaning that you can comfortably sit here for an extended period of time without having to leave. This means that you can enjoy your gaming time or work more efficiently for longer periods of time.

You are guaranteed quality with this gamer chair and Ficmax actually offer a 12-month warranty if there are any quality issues or any parts get damaged. Again, this ensures that your gamer chair remains safe and that if anything was to happen within the first year or if there were any quality issues, you can be sure that you are getting value for money and product guarantee.

HAPPYGAME Racing Style Gaming Chair


The HAPPYGAME Racing Style Gaming Chair is another gaming chair that we have reviewed here at Rated Gamer Gear. Made with the highest quality breathable fabric, this gamer chair is tailor-made for customers looking for a premium upgrade. The lumbar support is made with high-density resilience foam and is designed to help support the back in the right way and promote good posture.

The headrest and backrest are both fully adjustable and provides versatile back support depending on the way you sit and depending on your posture. Not only do the adjustment options help with posture but the sturdy steel frame ensures that you sit comfortably and its heavy-duty nature means that the chair should last for a lifetime.

The explosion-proof gas lift also allows for the user to easily adjust the height of the chair without having to put too much strain on themselves. This means that the chair can be used by a variety of users and it’s catered to people with back or arm issues. It has been verified by SGS which also ensures that the system meets all of the safety regulation it needs to and again ensures that this is not only a quality gamer chair but it is a safe one too.

HAPPYGAME also offer a 1-year warranty if you feel that there are product defects or that it doesn’t meet your standards. They can provide you with a full replacement or refund in this time so if you feel that it doesn’t feel like the product you thought you were buying, you can happily send it back. They are aware that this is a fairly expensive purchase and understand how important it is to retain quality which is what our team here at Rated Gamer Gear loved.

The general quality and aesthetic of the chair makes it one of our favourites here and would make a great gaming chair going into 2019. After testing, our team loved the material and loved how comfortable the chair was for users. It really is a chair that you can sit in for hours and the warranty that is on offer also makes it a very desirable purchase. If you are buying as a gift, this is always something that you should consider and you should always be aware of how long you can have the item before returning if that is something that you need to do.

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