Best Camera Drone for 2019: The Ultimate Buying Guide – GoPro, Holy Stone, SYMA

Best Camera Drone for 2019 – Rated Gamer Gear

Here at Rated Gamer Gear, we review the latest technology and this article will look at the best camera drone for 2019. Our team at Rated Gamer Gear have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the best camera drones available on the market. We look at a number of camera drone reviews and try to give you the best opinions we can.

All of the drone cameras that we review here at Rated Gamer Gear are currently available on the market. We have also reviewed a number of other gaming technology including the best gaming mice and best gaming motherboards so that if you were looking to completely renew your gaming experience, we have options to cater for every need.

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping around for the best camera drone and our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have tried and tested every one to ensure that you are getting the best opinion possible. We look at cost, aesthetic, compatibility with devices and everything else that you can think of. We understand that a camera drone can be expensive and it is vital that you make the right decision when looking to buy one as it can be a costly mistake if you haven’t done your research.

Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have a wealth of experience and come from a variety of technological disciplines. They test every product they work with inside out and know what it takes to provide a well-rounded opinion and review. They have worked with various technologies and know what it takes to thoroughly test an item to ensure it is a quality product.

We determine our reviews by the various points that you need to look out for when it comes to buying a camera drone. Aesthetics, size and cost are all big factors and we have ensured that each review goes into as much detail as possible for you here at Rated Gamer Gear.

The Best Camera Drone for 2019 – F100 GP Ultimate Drone Package


The F100 GP Ultimate Camera Drone Package is a big favourite of ours here at Rated Gamer Gear. This stealth-like, modern design is a big hit in our office and in terms of cost and the number of features that also come with this particular camera drone model, our team believe that this is going to be a big hit going into 2019.

Not only is this an extremely cool design but is a versatile one too. The F100 GP is compatible with GoPro, meaning that you can attach this if you want to although it does include a detachable 1080p HD Camera Drone that also allows for the user to pick up stunning imagery. For what you pay, the photo quality is second to none and our team really loved the crispness of the images and how well they came out when transferred to PC.

Not only does the F100 GP offer crystal clear imaging but this versatile design also allows for you to recreate some of your favourite stunts with the lightweight frame and 2-speed settings it comes with. This allows for you to do what you want with the camera drone; flips, tricks and catching some crazy videos whilst doing so. The guys at Rated really love how reactive it is to your controller inputs and the speed at which it moves is really incredible. This is another reason why we love it so much here and we’re sure that you’ll love it.

The way the F100 GP flies is really incredible. The propellers have been designed so that they don’t brush and this quadcopter camera drone design means that it is also super quiet when you fly it too.  It is so simple to fly and even if you are a beginner, you can easily get the hang of flying this particular model in just a couple of minutes. With a flight time of up to 15 minutes, this is a considerable amount of time that it can spend in the air in comparison to a number of other drones that can’t stay up for even half of that time. The quietness is what caught our teams’ attention and this means that you can fly it almost anywhere without the worry of having to disturb anyone. It is a seamless and considerate design that anyone can pick up and use easily.

This is a quality product and Force 1 actually guarantee this quality for its users with a money back guarantee if you feel like it is not meeting quality expectations. We know how good this particular camera drone is and you can be sure that what you are paying for, you are getting back in pure quality. Feel free to use this in a majority of environments and really capture some beautiful imagery whilst enjoying the lightweight frame and performing some of the stunts of your dreams with the F100 GP. We tip this to be a really popular choice going into 2019 and we recommend getting there before everyone else does.

The Best Camera Drone on a Budget for 2019 – Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Camera Drone


Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have picked out a number of the best camera drone buys for 2019 that you can purchase on a budget. The Holy Stone HS160 is a camera drone that we’ve picked out as one of the ones to look out going into the New Year. Our team believe that for the features that come with this particular model, it provides excellent value and we really love it here at Rated Gamer Gear.

The HS160 is an extremely versatile design that allows for the user to easily take this camera drone anywhere they feel. The foldable structure and flexible blades mean that you can make this model small and easy to take anywhere you want. Whether you are off on holiday or just taking it to your local park, this design means that you don’t have the worry of trying to cram a large drone into your car or suitcase and means you can literally enjoy this model anywhere on the move. We really like this feature and it is often something that other designers will forget to consider.

This model is also equipped with a Wi-Fi 720p HD drone camera that allows for you to capture some really fantastic aerial shots and create some really incredible videography. Once you have created the video you want, it is instantly stored in your phone application and photo library and makes for a really simple user interface that really anyone can use.

Our team really loved the application that you download for free with the Holy Stone HS160 and we found it to be very user-friendly when it came to creating the videos and then transferring them to the app. You actually operate the drone itself through the application and the real-time image transmission means that the drone versatility is not compromised. The lightweight frame combined with the real-time imaging means that you can read the device easily and perform the crazy stunts that you want to.

It also uses a really clever modular battery system that helps support longer flight times. It uses 2 3.7V modular batteries as the main power source and a bonus one that helps increase your flight times so that you have more than enough time to capture the images that you want to. We loved the longevity of flight with the HS160 and our team found it gave you more than enough time to get the shots that you want to.

We really love the application that comes with this camera drone model and we highly recommend. The ease of use is what stands out to us and the stop/start function that comes with it also allows for you to easily take off or land and even if its your first time using a camera drone, it is pretty easy to get the hang of. The controller makes it especially easy to use and for the price that you pay, these cool features make it a really desirable product that we think will do excellently going into the new year.

SYMA X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Drone Camera


The SYMA X5C is another camera drone model that we have picked out to potentially look at buying on a budget. This tough design is another one that our team love and the all-white gloss frame is a design that looks extremely modern and sleek.

The 6-axis stabilization system ensures that this camera drone is as stable as possible whilst it is in the air. This tough design makes it resistant to wind and can be flown around in a number of environments because of this durable design. Our team were blown away with how still it remained whilst in the air, even in the toughest of conditions and for the price that you pay for this particular model, we think that it is extremely good value for the toughness of the design.

The SYMA X5C is also extremely easy to put together and maintain with the simple modular design. This means it is a simple design that can be assembled extremely quickly and allows for the user to get right into enjoying the model. This also means it can be maintained much better and if a part does break, you can get it replaced very easily as a pose to having to replace the entire model.

Enjoy some of the stunt features that also come with this particular camera drone. You can make this drone flip 360 degrees just by pressing a button and with a number of other cool, versatile features, you can really get a lot of enjoyment from this model. The variety of flight functions is another big thing that our team loved with this camera drone and they got a lot of enjoyment from it considering how cheap it is to buy.

The SYMA X5C is equipped with a HD Camera and remote controller that allows for the user to not only control the flight of the drone but control the camera. This means you can enjoy all of the stunt features it comes with whilst recording some spectacular videos in HD. Our team really love this design and this is sure to be a popular buy going into 2019. A really affordable purchase that is perfect for first-timers. It is really simple to use and we are sure here at Rated Gamer Gear that you will completely love it.

Cheerwing SYMA X5SW-V3 FPV Explorers 2


The Cheerwing SYMA is another camera drone that our team think is a bargain for users. Like the previous SYMA model that we reviewed, this is also equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control system to ensure that you enjoy a stable flight in the most difficult of conditions. In regards to the frame, it is quite similar to the previous SYMA model in regards to the colour and aesthetic but in terms of flight features and the way the propellers are structured, it is different.

The HD camera this particular model is equipped with provides crystal clear image results that get sent directly to your mobile application in real time. Using Wi-Fi FPV, you hold all the control to both the drone itself and the HD camera it’s equipped with. This lets to enjoy the beautiful views and images that get transmitted right into the palm of your hands as well as controlling the flight of the camera drone.

The Headless/IOC function that comes with this model means that you can learn the dynamics and the way in which each multi-rotor works much quicker. The forward direction, in turn, does not affect the nose direction and means that you can enjoy a stress-free flying experience without the worry of crashing and wasting time trying to learn difficult in-flight mechanics. This ensures that you do not have to worry about where the front/back/left/right is as these dynamic controls allow for you to take flight in whatever direction you feel when you first learn.

The integrated application makes controlling your camera drone very simple indeed. The dynamic controls allow for you to do 360-degree flips and other stunts at the click of one button. It is a very well designed application that caters very well for the first-time flyers and the 6-axis gyro that is also equipped with this model ensures that you maintain a stable connection every time you fly. The application that comes with the drone is excellent and our team found it extremely easy to use. It is compatible with both Android & iOS, making it a very inclusive camera drone that comes at a very reasonable price.

The Cheerwing SYMA is an excellent deal and one we think is going to be very popular going into Christmas and the New Year. It has excellent range, flying up to 50 metres away from your device and also has excellent battery life that our team found very useful too. It gives you more than enough time to capture the images you want to and allows for you to really enjoy your flying experience to the maximum.

The Best Holy Stone Camera Drone for 2019 – Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone


Holy Stone is a very respectable brand in the camera drone industry and there are many models that they offer to customers. We have already looked at a couple prior to this but here are just a couple of the camera drones that our team believe are going to be a big success going into 2019.

The Holy Stone HS200 FPV is one camera drone model we have picked out in particular that we believe is going to cause waves in the New Year. The all-black frame makes for a very stealth-like exterior and equipped with one key return and headless security system, this particular drone is perfect for beginners. These features mean that you can simply return the drone home by pressing just a single button and the headless feature works so that you do not lose the drone through mixing up each end.

There is another really cool feature that we love with this Holy Stone model; the altitude hold function uses powerful air pressure to hover at the height it is at when releasing the throttle stick. This means that you can really take in the imaging and capture some excellent shots without having to think about maintaining the throttle and trying to think about 2 things at once. This feature is especially good for beginners and means that you can take your eye off the throttle and really concentrate on capturing some beautiful shots whilst in the air. Our team love this feature and found that it made your entire flying experience much easier and you could relax more whilst using the drone.

The HS200 FPV also comes with a useful one key flip feature that allows for the user to flip in any direction and continuously too. This allows you to enjoy a seamless flying experience and enjoy the thrill of performing a variety of stunts. Our team love how much control you get whilst flying and found this feature to be very fun too.

There are 4-speed options with this particular model that also make it very suitable for a wide range of users. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can alter the speed based on how skilled you are. The battery life is also excellent, allowing you to fly for around 10 minutes a time and we think that this is an excellent deal and should definitely be considered if you are looking for a really high-quality drone.

Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera


The Holy Stone F181C RC is another Holy Stone model that our team have picked out as one to look out for going into 2019. The venomous red frame makes this for a spectacular camera drone and looks incredible once it is in flight. Apart from the aesthetic, there are a number of really cool features that make this one of the best camera drones available on the market at the moment.

The F181C RC is equipped with a 720p HD First Person View Camera that allows you to capture some incredible aerial shots using either your Android or Apple device. The quality of the image is impeccable and our team were really blown away at how clear and responsive the images were. The mobile application that comes with this particular Holy Stone model is extremely easy to use and the images get transferred straight away, meaning you are receiving real-time images and allows for you to really perfect your shot.

The application not only shows you real-time imagery but this is your complete control panel and allows for you to switch in between a number of in-flight modes to add to the overall entertainment of this particular model. There is a really cool ‘Gravity Sensor’ mode that allows for you to control the drone based on how you move your smartphone. Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear really loved the way in which you could swap from mode to mode and found it to be a really exciting and unique feature that you don’t see on many camera drones.

Like the previous Holy Stone model that we reviewed, there is an altitude hold option that allows for you to hold your flight position by hovering. This allows for you take full control of your photo/videography and lets the user capture some great shots. Again, we love this feature and it makes for a much enjoyable experience when using this particular model.

Again, this is great for first-timers and works fantastically well when it is out of sight. The headless mode and one key return home function mean that if you do feel you have lost track of your drone, press one button and it will return back to you safely. These features make this a very desirable camera drone that everyone in the office loved. The aesthetic also makes it look very cool when it is airborne and it definitely makes it stand out from a lot of others you can buy on the market.

The Best Premium Camera Drone for 2019 – DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone


Here at Rated Gamer Gear, we also cater for the more experienced and more dedicated pilots and our team have reviewed a few of the best premium camera drones that you can buy going into 2019. These are some of the best drones with the some of the most incredible features and we have broken them down for you fully here at Rated Gamer Gear.

The first premium camera drone we have reviewed is the DJI Phantom 3. This excellent piece of technology is really impressive and has a number of quality features that make it an outstanding piece of equipment. Integrated with 2.7K video and a live video feed that provides a real-time view of what your drone is seeing, this model is equipped with the best camera technology that you can buy today.

The thing that impressed our team the most was the incredible range of this particular camera drone. You can view a live image from up to half a mile away using the integrated app that allows for you to control the drone as well as look at the impressive videos it produces. The range on this is much bigger than some of the drones we had reviewed earlier and again, for the dedicated pilots, this is a purchase that offers so many cool features that can really enhance your flying experience.

The DJI Phantom 3 is also integrated with GPS and allows for the user to concentrate on their photo/videography whilst flying safely. It can be extremely difficult to get the right shot when you are having to think about 10 things at once but this assisted flight feature means that you can really steady the drone, pick your best shot and concentrate purely on getting the photography right. The free application that it comes with also allows you to change camera perspectives and lets you easily change the camera type based on which shot you need. Again, our team love the variety and features on this model and is why we have recommended it. It is an excellent purchase if you are a really avid pilot but not only that, it is great for keen photographers to really capture some stunning shots.

The battery life is also excellent and you can fly comfortably for at least 25 minutes before having to charge again. This gives you more than enough time to capture the shot you need to and enjoy the views from the comfort of your mobile device. The battery life in this particular camera drone is especially longer than some of the previous models we had reviewed and our team found this to be more than enough time to capture the shots that you need to. We really enjoyed reviewing this model and you can understand why this is such a premium and in-demand camera drone. Looking into 2019, this is going to be extremely popular and we can understand why.

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone


Another premium camera drone that we love here at Rated Gamer Gear is the HolyStone HS700. This particular model is a premium upgrade to the previous Holy Stone models that we reviewed earlier in this post. The sleek black design and modern looking curves make it a very aesthetically pleasing camera drone and look very dominating whilst in flight.

The HS700 is equipped with a 1080p FHD camera that captures the highest quality photography and provides the user with a panoramic lens that ensures beautiful images every time. Our team loved the quality of the camera footage it produced and with it being compatible with GoPro devices; it makes it the ideal purchase for devoted photographers.

There is also GPS Assisted Flight that ensures that the drone can hover comfortably when you are trying to catch that perfect shot. The HS700 also has a one touch return to home key that enables you to send the drone back to its home location. This makes it inclusive for even first time users and has another useful feature that sends it home when it is running low on signal or battery. This is another useful feature that came in very useful and is one that our team loved. It comes in very handy when you are in areas with very little signal as it means that you will never lose your drone; another reason why this is an excellent option if you are looking for a premium upgrade.

There is a cool feature that allows you to draw a custom path in the app which is another little touch that our team loved. This custom path feature means that you can fully plan your route depending on what you want to record and know what you are getting without having to lift a finger. Not only this in app feature but there is a number of ways in which you can change flight modes to suit whatever you are using the drone for. This fully customisable element is a really cool touch that our team loved and is another reason why it is as popular as it is.

It can remain in the air for up to 20 minutes and you get regular notifications when you need to land. The lower power alerts are extremely useful and it means that you are able to fully immerse yourself in the flying experience. It is extremely reliable and this is one of our favourites here at Rated Gamer Gear. We fully expect this to be a big seller going into 2019 and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

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