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Best Android Smartwatch for 2019 – Rated Gamer Gear

Here at Rated Gamer Gear, we review the latest technology and this article will look at the best android smartwatch for 2019. Our team at Rated Gamer Gear have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the best android smartwatch available on the market. We look at a number of Android and iOS Smartwatches and try to give you the best opinions we can.

The android smartwatches that we review here at Rated Gamer Gear are currently available on the market. We have also reviewed a number of other gaming technology including the best gaming mice and best gaming motherboards so that if you were looking to completely renew your gaming experience, we have options to cater for every need.

There are a number of reasons as to why people buy these watches and we ensure that the best android smartwatch (and iOS) is discussed in the right way so that you can come to a conclusive buying decision. We will try to leave as detailed reviews as we can, discussing aesthetic, function, cost and everything that will ensure that you can come to a calculated purchase.

Our team here at Rated Gamer Gear have a wealth of experience and come from a variety of technological disciplines. They test every product they work with inside out and know what it takes to provide a well-rounded opinion and review. We know good technology and bad technology when we see it and once we have tested the products mentioned, we ensure that you are not left in the dark with any review. Here at Rated, we ensure that only the best android smartwatch is discussed and make sure that no stone is left unturned.

We determine our reviews by the various points that you need to look out for when it comes to buying an Android or iOS smartwatch. Every review is nailed down to the last technological detail and you can be sure that each review has been tested by a qualified tech expert.

The best android smartwatch for 2019 – Fitbit Versa Smart Watch


The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch is one that our team particularly loved. This particular Fitbit model is designed to track your all-day activity and monitor your health on a 24/7 basis. The battery life is excellent lasting up to 4 days, depending on how you use it. This model is one of our particular favourites because of the many features that come with it and because of the value for money that we think comes at a fairly reasonable price.

Not only is this particular android smartwatch excellent for monitoring health and fitness purposes but it has great storage purposes and can hold up to 300+ songs and can be easily downloaded through integrated music playlists like Deezer. This allows for you to take your music phone free and is excellent for when you’re exercising.

The Fitbit Versa also provides a number of exercise options that you can change based on the exercise you are doing at the time. You can choose options like ‘run’ or ‘swim’ that can then record your results based on the exercise. Our team loved this feature when they took it on the road and found it very motivational when it came to monitoring progress. You can also connect it to your phone so that you can have your results sent over to that too once you’ve finished the exercise.

This android smartwatch is also a good way to monitor and track your day with notifications and you can really add structure to your lifestyle when it comes to planning your daily routine. This feature is another useful component that helps empower the user. Our team at Rated really found this feature to be helpful when it came to planning out your entire day and found it to be another key way in which it promotes healthy living.

The way this smartwatch can help organise your life is really incredible and these features all work together to help promote this. Bad organisation and unhealthy habits can really be bad for you and this watch is an excellent way to bring back some order into your life. The Fitbit Versa is an extremely popular model as it is and we think that with the increase in healthy living, we think that this is only going to increase in popularity. With this being one of the best android smartwatches you can currently buy, we think that this is going to be in very high demand come 2019.

The best android smartwatch on a budget 2019 – Sony SmartWatch US version 1


The Sony Smartwatch is one of the best android smartwatch deals available currently on the market. This product is one of our favourites here at Rated Gamer Gear and we think that this is a great offer for users going into 2019.

In regards to the styling, the device looks very elegant and modern and is a watch that you wouldn’t look twice at. A lot of the best android smart watches out there currently can look quite bulky and slightly OTT but with the cool feature that allows for you to download classic watch face designs, you can make this watch look how you want it based on personal preference. You can even change the colour of the hands depending on how you want to style the watch and here at Rated, we really like this interchangeable feature.

The Sony Smartwatch enables you to read all of your texts, emails and social updates all in one integrated system. You can also answer your calls on the move with this smartwatch acting as an Android remote that vibrates when you receive a notification or call. The vibration is not enough to distract you completely from what you are doing but it is just enough to lightly notify the user and our team really liked this subtle feature.

Not only does it have all of these integrated features but the battery life is excellent and will easily last the entire day when you go to charge your mobile device in the evening. Our team found that you didn’t have to limit your use really at any point when it came to trying to save battery and it would comfortably last the day every time we tested it.

We think that the Sony Smartwatch is a great purchase with the number of features that are provided. Going into 2019, we think that this will be a very popular buy and it gets the thumbs up from our guys here at Rated Gamer Gear. It is an elegant, subtle design that doesn’t stand out too much and the features make it a very valuable purchase.

Ticwatch E Smartwatch


The Ticwatch E Smartwatch is another reasonably valued Android smartwatch that we think will be making its mark in 2019. With access to a number of the best android smartwatch applications, you have access to a number of services just like your mobile device and works great for when you’re out and about. The accessibility is excellent and these application options make it a really intuitive and considered design.

The Ticwatch is also compatible with Google Assistant and you can bring your PA right to your wrist. This works brilliantly when out running or exercising as it saves the need to have to go all the way into your phone and change song, browse social media or whatever it is you need to do. This design is there to make your life completely easier and this is a feature that certainly helps with this. You can set the watch so that the Google Assistant provides you with verbal notifications and it can help you with the general organisation throughout your day; working as a friendly reminder to let you know what’s next in your schedule.

It is important to ensure that you follow the charging instructions to make sure that you get the most accurate reading possible. The battery life is excellent once you’ve set up properly but it can lead to incorrect battery readings if this process is not followed. Once our team had set it up properly, the battery life was coming up correctly and would last for the entire day.

If you do find that there are any issues with the android watch, Ticwatch offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This ensures that if it doesn’t live up to expectation or doesn’t meet your needs, they will be more than happy to refund or replace. They also offer a 12-month warranty for any quality issues that may have affected the watch and this is again another reason why this is one of the best android watch purchases you can make for 2019.

Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch


The Huami Amazfit is another android smartwatch that we’ve picked out as one to look out for on a budget going into 2019. The Amazfit comes in a number of colourways and you can choose a number of clockfaces based on what you are doing or how you are feeling in that particular part of the day. Whether you are out running, training or simply working, this android smartwatch companion is a versatile design that we love here at Rated Gamer Gear.

This is an impressive, durable design that can last up to 30 days on a single 2 and a half hour charge. This enables the user to comfortably go about their day without the worry of having to charge it again and again. With the number of features that come with the watch, it’s extremely impressive the way in which this design saves power. Our team really love this power saving feature and for the price of what you are paying, it actually stays on for a lot longer than some of the more premium designs.

The Amazfit smartwatch also comes with a number of integrated health features that work as a great training partner when you are out doing exercise. The optical heart rate monitor and built-in GPS system mean that you can track how many calories you’ve burnt, how many steps you’ve taken and how well you are sleeping. These various health features make this a very desirable product for the fitness fanatics and it is a very useful touch that again makes this such a valuable product for what you pay. It also has a number of sporting modes so depending on whether you are running, cycling or walking, the Amazfit Android smartwatch provides you with detailed insights as to how you are getting on and improving with your various exercises.

Not only does it come with a number of health benefits but it also keeps you organised during your day. It provides notifications whenever you get an email, message or phone call and also provides alerts for any social activity. These features come in handy when you are at work or when you are exercising and are especially useful when out running or exercising. You can organise your entire day through this particular android smartwatch and is another reason why it stands out to us.

The number of features that are integrated into this very inclusive design makes this a hugely desirable smartwatch going into 2019. Not only does it have so many features that mean it acts as a companion but it is comfortable too. This combined with the value makes this a very popular choice in our office and we believe this will be in very high demand going into 2019.

The best android smartwatch for fashion-conscious users – ASUS Zenwatch 2


Our team thought that the ASUS Zenwatch 2 was one of the best android smartwatches that we looked in terms of aesthetic. This sleek, modern-looking smartwatch was a real hit with our team and we think that this is one of the most beautiful ones that you can buy today. Equipped with a stylish steel casing, this watch makes for a very elegant design that we personally can’t get enough of.

Available in a variety of colours, you have the option of choosing between a number of very modern looking strap designs. Not only this but you can change the interface of the clock based on how you want to style your smartwatch device using the ASUS FaceDesigner. This also enables you to change the function of the watch based on what features you use more regularly than others. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a workaholic, this feature means that you can tailor you android smartwatch perfectly to meet your various needs.

Not only is it interchangeable depending on your aesthetic needs but it is also functional. The IP67 water resistance feature means that you can shower safe and organise your day at the same time. It can be submerged in up to 1 metre of water which is not ideal for deep sea diving but works fantastically in your normal day to day life. This is not one of the key design features but you can see that this has not been designed for this reason. If this is the deal-breaking function that you are looking for in a smartwatch, then you need to look elsewhere.

It is equipped with a number of cool fitness features that help track progress and training. With step counting, activity tracking and progress report features, this acts as a perfect companion to your fitness regimes throughout the day.

We really love this design here at Rated Gamer Gear. A sophisticated and subtle design, it is a much more aesthetically considered design that doesn’t stand out as clearly as some of the other smartwatch designs currently on the market. Built in with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to receive Android notifications, this is really the complete companion and we think that this is going to be a very popular buy going into the new year.

Best Android Smartwatch for Samsung 2019 – Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch


We have picked out a number of Samsung smartwatches that we think are going to cause a wave in 2019. The Gear S3 is one in particular that caught our attention here at Rated Gamer Gear with the number of premium features that are equipped with this particular Android model.

The steel bezel that surrounds the clock face is a really cool feature that allows for the user to simply go from app to app just by rotating. This means that you can go from taking a call to paying on your credit card just by simply turning this feature and we love it here at Rated. Our team thought that this was a really intuitive feature that made it extremely easy to go from app to app and made it considerably easier for them as a pose to the navigation system that is provided on other android smartwatches on the market.

This intuitive smartwatch allows for the user to text, call and receive notifications for any application on your Android device through the Bluetooth feature it is equipped with. The integration of applications also means that you can also make card payments using the Samsung Pay feature that allows for you to pay almost anywhere. Forgotten your card? No problem. This useful feature makes paying for items easier than ever and is another intuitive feature that makes this a very desirable android smartwatch.

The Gear S3 has been designed to perform in military-grade situations and is not only completely water resistant but is resistant to dust and extreme climates. This means that when you are going on your next adventure; whether that be to work, on holiday or climbing a mountain, you can guarantee that you are getting a hugely reliable smartwatch that can perform in a number of tough situations and environments. The tough interior is also emulated with the tough looking exterior and it makes for a design that not only looks like it can withstand the hardest tests but can genuinely continue to perform under the craziest of climates.

Our team are massively into this android smartwatch design and with it also being compatible with iOS , it makes for a versatile design that can be used by the majority of people. We love the aesthetic and its various performance properties; surely going to be a winner heading into the new year.

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch


This is another Samsung Smartwatch model that we love here at Rated Gamer Gear. Again, another sleek modern looking design, this has all of the properties and features required to be one of the best android smartwatch purchases of 2019.

Although it has a very modern looking exterior with the round steel frame complimenting the rubber strap (also available in a number colours), do not let this deceive you. It is an extremely tough and durable design that is completely water resistant. Don’t let your watch hold you back from what you love to do; this particular smartwatch is water resistant up to 50meters and whether you are out on a run in the rain, having a shower or having a swim, you can be sure that this tough smartwatch will not be ruined. This is a feature that we love and makes it a lot tougher than a lot of the current designs available on the market.

Not only does this water-resistant feature make it one of the best android smartwatch buys of the year but this combined with a number of health integrated features also make this a very desirable product to buy. It is fully integrated with a heart rate monitor and GPS mapping that can accurately track progress and give you all of the vital information that you need when working out. There is a cool personal coaching feature that our team especially loved which will provide the best tips and advice when running or working out; all from the comfort of your own wrist. We felt that this gave our team that extra push they needed when testing and this is another feature that really helped it to stand out from the rest.

Not only does it have many health benefits but you can also enjoy music, answer calls and send messages at will. This innovative design can connect to your wireless headphones and phone and you can easily change between songs when exercising. It makes your life much easier when exercising as a pose to having to unlock and then go into your phone. This is also a very intuitive feature that makes it one of the best android smartwatch items to look out for in 2019. Our team love it and I’m sure that you will too.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch


This is another Samsung Android Smartwatch design that our team are loving here at Rated Gamer Gear. This cool, circular design comes with a rotating navigation bezel that enables the user to easily move from application to application. This ensures that you can access your applications as quickly as possible, personalising the interface yourself based on which apps you use the most and which are most relevant to you.

The Samsung Gear S2 is not only compatible with Android but it can be integrated with iOS,  meaning that whether you are using a Samsung device or an Apple device, this intuitive and inclusive design caters for all audiences.

The stainless steel design not only functions excellently but is also extremely durable and it offers a number of features to help make your whole life easier. The Gear S2 enables you to send and receive text messages, receive calendar notifications and news updates making this the perfect companion to plan out your day and work more efficiently.

There are thousands of applications available to you and just like your mobile device, you can tailor your applications based on what you use regularly. Not only can you cater for your application needs but you can also alter the design of your best android smartwatch by having access to hundreds of interchangeable watch faces. Our team loved how customisable this particular model was and the way that you could easily change features based on how you are feeling at that time.

Overall, the accessibility of this design and the way in which it considers user needs, this is one of the best android smartwatch purchases of 2019. The rotating bezel is a feature that is not available on a number of smartwatches out on the market and it really does make your life easier. It means you can go from app to app very easily and is especially effective when training. We very much recommend this product going into the new year.

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