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Best 4K TV for 2019 – Rated Gamer Gear

Welcome to Rated Gamer Gear. Here, we review some of the latest and best technology that you can get your hands on right now. This particular article will take a look at some of the best 4K TV Monitors currently on the market. We pick out some of the best 4K TV purchases you can make based on a number of factors that will ultimately determine your buying decision. Our team aim to be as factual and helpful as we can and have a wealth of experience, working within a number of technological disciplines.

Every single 4K TV that we review will be available to buy. We not only provide you with excellent review breakdowns but also give you the buying option that allows for you to seamlessly jump from review to basket and buy what you need to. We review a lot of other technology that you can sink your teeth into. Feel free to take a look at seeing what else tickles your fancy.

We understand that not every customer buys the best 4k tv for the same reasons and we try to cater to every possible customer. From aesthetic to cost, we break down each individual product based on the various reasons as to why you buy a television. Not everyone can afford the best televisions and we cater for this market too; we feel it is important to have a selection variety that hopefully can reach out to various consumers.

Our team at Rated Gamer Gear have excellent experience and know how important it is for customers to make the right decision. We like to break down each of the best 4k TV’s in as best fashion as we can and like to provide them with the right information they need. Our guys know a quality product when they see one and we test each tv thoroughly so that we can be as accurate as we can.

We determine our reviews by the various points that you need to look out for when it comes to buying a 4K TV. Aesthetics, size and cost are all big factors and we have ensured that each review goes into as much detail as possible for you here at Rated Gamer Gear.

The Best 4K TV for 2019 – Samsung 40NU7100 Flat 40” 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV


In regards to choosing one of the best 4K TV’s, the Samsung 40NU7100 is certainly up there with one of the best that you can buy at the moment. Available in a number of sizes, you can be sure that you are getting a television that you can tailor to your living space.

Our team were really impressed with the colour clarity of this particular Samsung TV. Allowing the user to enjoy a vibrant watching experience, the PurColour feature really helps to bring your television experience to life. After testing, we were really blown away with the quality of the image and really makes it one of the best 4k tv purchases you can make going into 2019.

Another feature that really makes this stand out from a lot of the other 4k televisions that we reviewed is the HDR feature that supports high dynamic range content. Again, another design element that results in crystal clear resolution; ultimately, this enhances your entire viewing experience and is certainly a stand out feature.

The elegant and slim design not only looks good but saves on space very well and means it can be used in a number of living environments. This slim design looks elegant, modern and results in one of the best 4k TVs you can buy because of this. Our team really liked the whole aesthetic and combined with the clarity of image and number of cool technological features, it really made it one of our favourites here at Rated Gamer Gear.

Equipped with Smart TV technology, this means that you can have ultimate control of your 4k television and access all of your applications and streaming services in one place. This combined with the ease of use and other features that we have mentioned makes this one of our real favourites and certainly one of the best 4k tv purchases you can make going into 2019.

TCL 55R617 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV


The TLC 55R617 is another one of our particular favourites here at Rated Gamer Gear. We really love the overall aesthetic and the number of functions that this model is equipped with. It is another one of the best 4k TV purchases you can make going into the New Year and we think it is going to be hugely popular for a number of customers.

It is a very slim design that again likes the previous model means it can work in a number of living environments. This slimline design combined with the large screen and quality resolution which means that you can get the most out of your television and really immerse yourself in the viewing experience. We were really impressed with how clear this particular television projected the images and the clarity is what makes it such a desirable TV.

The smart functionality also means that this HD TV is a complete home entertainment system for consumers. This allows for you to enjoy a number of digital services at the touch of your hand and ensures that you can get the most out of your television. With access to over 500,000 movies, the possibilities are really endless and is another reason as to why this is one of the best 4K TV purchases you can make going into 2019.

The 4K Ultra HD picture is something really spectacular and equipped with the detail of Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range, this again works to bring your television to life. It really provides you with a clear picture that almost reflects the cinema-like quality and is really outstanding when it comes to picture quality. The LED backlighting also means that you can control the colour levels of your television screen and get the most out of your 4K TV. This is an outstanding feature that makes this particular TV really excellent in this department.

The Best 4K TV on a Budget for 2019 – Philips 43” Class 4K UHD LED TV HDR 10 Smart TV


We understand here at Rated Gamer Gear that some of the best 4K TV purchases come at a premium cost and our team understand that it is important to get value for money when shopping around. This particular Phillips model is one of our favourites here at Rated Gamer Gear and we certainly believe that going into the New Year, this is going to be extremely popular not just for people shopping on budgets but for customers in general.

A simple design that would look great in any home, the Phillips 43’’ Class 4K Smart TV is a beautiful design. Made with the user in mind, the 4K detail in this particular model makes it one of the best 4k TV’s out there with this sort of quality. Like the previous models we reviewed, this is certainly up there when it comes to picture quality. It really lets the user savour every detail and our team thought that the picture resolution was excellent. Equipped with pixel plus technology, this also results in more natural and vivid images.

Another feature that makes this one of the best 4K TV options out there is the Wireless LAN feature. This allows for the user to seamlessly stream 4K quality television without the worry of lag or disconnection. Our team were really impressed with how well this feature works and works excellently with the TV streaming features it’s equipped with. The speed and seamless connectivity really make this Phillips model one of the best 4K TV’s out there currently and for the price, you are getting a very quality product. We highly recommend this here at Rated Gamer Gear and is another TV that we think is going to do extremely well come 2019.

The Best Premium 4K TV on a Budget for 2019 – LG 4K HDR Smart LED AI Super UHD TV with ThinQ


Here at Rated Gamer Gear, we know how important it is to consider the best 4k TV for people looking to buy on a budget but we also understand that a lot of customers are after a TV with lots of premium features and additional quality benefits. Our team have taken a look at some of the more premium 4k televisions that are currently on the market and included a comprehensive breakdown of some of the additional features that they are equipped with.

The LG 4K Smart LED TV is the first premium 4K TV we are going to take a look at; a beautifully modern design that encapsulates everything great about televisions. With both standing and wall mount options, this excellent design is versatile and works great in a number of living environments, with the silver frame combining for a beautiful aesthetic too.

This particular 4K TV is great for a number of reasons and is certainly one of the best 4k TV’s you can buy currently. This 55’’ super UHD television has been designed with user satisfaction in mind. The smart LED AI means that the user can enjoy picture quality perfection and have a seamless viewing experience where quality is never compromised. The cinema-like quality is unbelievable and is enhanced through the way this TV captures images. Our team found the picture quality outstanding and found it to be a feature that really helped to bring out the best in our viewing experience.

Equipped with a very useful bundle too, this gives the user access to Hulu with a $25 gift card and a number of other cool additions that make this a very desirable television for users. This bundle also includes a very handy wireless backlit keyboard that makes for easier navigation. These are just a couple of many features that come with this particular bundle and we personally think that it is a great touch. Especially when navigating through movies and TV programmes, our team found a number of these additional features to be very useful and is just another reason as to why we think this is one of the best 4k TV’s that you can buy in 2019.

All of these features combined with a 1-year warranty make this a no-brainer if you are looking for an excellent television that can deliver to your various needs. If you feel that the LG 4K Smart LED TV has not lived up to standards or expectations, you have more than enough time to send it back if you feel you need to. This makes this a very worthy investment and at least you know you can send it back if it is not for you. It shows how confident the manufacturer is with this particular television and again is another reason why we think it will be very popular going into the New Year.

Sony XBR65X850F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


The Sony XBR65X85OF is another premium 4k television that our team have picked out. Another excellent television that our team have tested thoroughly, there are a number of features that really make this a stand out choice for buyers looking for a premium option. The extra slim design combined with the slate finish on the Television frame, it is a design that works in a number of rooms and can be stored fairly easily.

This 65’’ 4K Ultra Smart TV is excellent in regards to the overall viewing experience it helps to enhance. In regards to the size, it is considerably bigger than many of the best 4k TV reviews we have looked at. The sheer size of the screen combined with the image clarity really helps the user to immerse them completely. Our team were astounded with the picture quality and how well it enhanced the images.

Equipped with an X1 processor and 4K X-Reality, this allows you to take any sort of non-HD content to another level with the additional focus put on the image clarity. This feature means that you can enjoy all sorts of content, new and old without the worry of having quality compromised. We love how this particular TV is hugely versatile whilst maintaining quality with no matter what you choose to watch. It’s really incredible how it brings every image to life and we really so believe that this is one of the best 4k TV’s that you can if looking on a premium budget.

Going into the New Year, this is another model that our team are really obsessed with here at Rated Gamer Gear. We believe that the sheer size combined with the image quality of this particular television makes it a real stand out. It is extremely versatile and can be either mounted or stood up and means that it works in a number of living environments. We really love how intuitive and easy to set up it was and we really believe that it’s going to be a hit come 2019.

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